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Hello SearchParty Fans,

Happy New Years to everyone and thanks for your continued support of SearchParty - we couldn't do it without your support!  Thanks to all who attended our preview concert of LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS - what a blast!  We couldn't have done it without Spark & Echo Arts who commissioned the 45 minute suite. We look forward to playing it much more in 2016 (and hopefully recording it!). More info on that, a preview video and my final post on it here.

I'll keep this short and sweet (we're all very busy, I know!).  I wanted to give you a quick heads up on some of our upcoming gigs in NYC over the next coming weeks, including TONIGHT.  We would love to see you out there!

January 14 @ Wing Walker Music Series (Threes Brewing)

SearchParty will be doing their “Brooklyn Debut” of LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS TONIGHT (Thursday 1/14) at 9pm.  This is such a great music series, we’re sandwiched in between two other great bands at 8pm (Red Reiter) and 10pm (Wing Walker Orchestra).  All that music for only $10.  Hope you can join us at what is becoming my favorite Brewery in NYC,Threes Brewing (333 Douglass St.  Brooklyn, NY).  I’ll be joined by: Ashley Daneman (voice), Kris Allen (sax), Vitor Goncalves (piano), Leon Boykins (bass), and Michael W. Davis (drums).
Get more information at the Facebook Event here!
January 28 @ Spark & Echo Arts 5th Anniversary Celebration
As mentioned, Spark & Echo Arts was the catalyst behind my newest work, and am honored to play a couple movements of it at their 5th anniversary celebration at the West Side Redeemer Presbyterian Church (150 W 83rd St.).  This is a great organization and am honored to be a part of their curators and artists.  You'll hear that night Ashley Daneman (voice), Kris Allen (sax), Angelo di Loreto (piano), Leon Boykins (bass), and Michael W. Davis (drums).
Get more information about this Spark & Echo Arts event here!

That's it for the moment - told you it'd be short... kind of.  I'll follow up in February about our midwest tour and more information on an upcoming recording session!

All the best to you in 2016,
Benje Daneman & SearchParty

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<![CDATA[Phases & Upcoming Projects]]>Thu, 30 Jul 2015 15:19:50 GMThttp://www.benjedaneman.com/thoughts/phases-upcoming-projectsI’ve noticed over the past few years how my life and musical career moves in phases.  Much of a certain phase, I’ll find that my time, energy and effort will lean in a specific direction - whether it’s teaching, playing as a sideman, composing, or bandleading.  

Much of June and July was spent with my educator hat on as I taught in multiple different capacities at some pretty amazing camps and workshops - working with high school and middle school trumpeters at The Kalamazoo Trumpet Workshop (with Keith Geiman), worked with all levels of jazz drummers as the faculty “horn player” at the always inspiring Keith Hall Summer Drum Intensive, co-directed and taught the unique Jazz & Creative Institute’s JazzStart at Western Michigan University and played in the faculty band at the Showchoir Camps of America.  It’s been a busy, but very exciting time…

But as we move into August, I feel like the guard is changing.  I’m excited to be leading multiple new musical projects this fall here in New York City.  This upcoming week feels like the BANG of the new phase of bandleading/composing beginning as I debut two of my new groups in one week.  If you’re in the city, I’d be very appreciative to have you join me at one of these two special evenings… and additionally next week, a “favorite” kind of night playing with my favorite singer (and wife), Ashley Daneman at one of my favorite venues in town, Cornelia Street Cafe.  

Here are the details - I've included the “Facebook Events” if you’re interested in finding out more:

Fri Sept 31 (officially Aug 1), 1am - Rockwood Music Hall w/ POPJazz! - My newest projects taking pop tunes from the past half century and "corrupting" it with jazz! Band includes Matthew Bryan Feld (vox), Jarrett Cherner (pno), Matt Aronoff (bs) & Jared Schonig (dms). https://www.facebook.com/events/1605002656430188/

Tues Aug 4, 8pm - Cornelia Street Cafe w/ Ashley Daneman - Ashley will be playing some music from Beauty Indestructible along with a handful of NEW material. It'll be a great night at one of my favorite venues in town.  Band includes Ashley Daneman (pno/vox), Matt Davis (gtr), Sam Weber (bs) & Michael Davis (dms).

Sun Aug 9, 5pm - Saint Peter's Church w/ SearchParty - I'm presenting new original music that I'm writing for my commission by Spark and Echo Arts called "Light in the Darkness". The full piece will be debuted this fall, but you can catch parts of it at Saint Peter's Jazz Vespers.  Band includes Ashley Daneman (vox), Kris Allen (sax), Angelo Di Loreto (pno), Ike Sturm (bs) & Jaimeo Brown (dms).

Thanks for all your love and support - Benje
<![CDATA[Daily Redesign]]>Thu, 16 Jul 2015 13:00:00 GMThttp://www.benjedaneman.com/thoughts/daily-redesignI had the realization this morning that we have the ability to redesign ourselves everyday.  We are given a unique choice every morning to take a step in the direction that we'd like to be.  Every choice matters and every minute counts in all areas of your life - your health, your personal relationships, your spiritual mindset, your music, your career, your life.  The least you could do is consider this... that's half the battle, I think.

In our fast paced world, we don't always take the time to reflect on who we are since we're caught up in the moment.  The moment is important, until it's gone.  If you're just "living" the moment for what's in front of you, it's too late.  Enjoy the moment, bask in the moment, then decide where that moment should go.  Sometimes just enjoying it and embracing it is all we need to do.  Rest and reflection is important and necessary - but choose that.

I'm 30 years old... I'll never be 29 again, but I still have 31 to come.  What will come in that year of my life?  What I do today can affect that - whether it's nothing or something.  But I do have the power to do either.  It's my choice.

Enjoy today everyone, it's the only one there is.  But luckily, so is tomorrow.  
So if today doesn't go as you planned, shoot for tomorrow.  ]]>
<![CDATA[Daily Reminders to Keep Your Sanity As A Musician (Or For That Matter, a Human Being)]]>Fri, 08 May 2015 17:19:51 GMThttp://www.benjedaneman.com/thoughts/daily-reminders-to-keep-your-sanity-as-a-musician-or-for-that-matter-a-human-beingPicture
I've been compiling these daily reminders to myself over the years and just recently started sharing them at clinics I teach. I need these reminders more than anyone and they have given me some relief and comfort over the years to remind myself of these.  Would love your input ...

1. Trust yourself and your body – Your body is much smarter than you give it credit for, trust that it knows what it’s doing.

2. Be nice and patient with yourself – We are our own worst enemies… our inner critic wants to control our thoughts, don’t allow it the time of day.

3. Think in the third person – Steps 1 & 2 will come more naturally if we think this way… OBSERVE what is really going on, take it for what it is and place no blame beyond that.  Remember to observe both the “good” and the “bad”.

4. Failure is inevitable … it becomes positive when you grow and learn from it – You will fail, but that’s completely normal and good.  The sooner you accept this and be okay with it, the sooner you’ll reap the benefits from this.  
“Failure isn’t fatal, but failure to change might be.”  - John Wooden

5. Think LONG term, not SHORT term when it comes to growth and progress – We need a balance of short and long term goals, but when it comes to seeing true growth and progress we must expect to invest for the long term.  
Malcolm Gladwell’s Book: “Outlier” – “10,000 hours to achieve mastery”

6. Be consistent & regular – For growth to occur we need to consistently do the right thing for our body to truly learn it.  If you relearn the same thing multiple days in a row, don’t feel bad, that’s normal.
Jim Collin’s Book: “Great By Choice” – 20 Mile March Rule: Don’t do a lot one day, and a little the next (because you did lots the day before).  Better to set a medium goal and do it EVERY day.

7. Relax, it’s only music – In the end, it’s only music.  Relax and enjoy it… this leads to more consistency, personality and enjoyment.  Don’t forget why you love music and the trumpet.

© Benje Daneman Music 2014

<![CDATA[The Need for Others (Relationship)]]>Thu, 23 Apr 2015 16:17:59 GMThttp://www.benjedaneman.com/thoughts/the-need-for-others-relationshipPictureOn the road in Texas with Ashley.
My wife, Ashley, and I just came off of 17 days on the road in Texas and in the midwest - it was a great combination of both family and musical experiences (yes, we tour with our kids sometimes!), we realized this literally couldn't have happened without the help of others.  

We used other peoples cars... 
   We stayed in friends/families beds and houses... 
      We had family watch our children as we toured/performed... 
         We borrowed music equipment from old friends...
            We ate other peoples amazing cooking...
               We played music for people who gave up their precious time (and money) to hear us...

You get the idea.  The trip wouldn't have happened without other people... 
And this is just one of countless times I've depended on others.  I've realized my whole life and career is made up of relationships and how they've allowed for things to happen.

Moral of the story (and of life) is twofold: 
We need people ... People need you.

Relationships can be messy, frustrating and difficult, but remember to be patient, gracious and kind
And as the golden rule states: "Do unto others as you would have done unto you." That's for real.

THANKS to all who made the past three weeks possible ... and to those who have made my life possible.  

<![CDATA[Learning To Ask...]]>Tue, 28 Oct 2014 17:40:05 GMThttp://www.benjedaneman.com/thoughts/learning-to-askPicture
Last week before a gig I was eating at a great burrito joint near midtown called The Burrito Box.  There was a large container of chips and small containers of salsa sitting at the end of the table where you order.  Me and my bandmate assumed they weren’t complimentary since on the menu it was clear that there was a charge for chips & salsa.  Just before our food was delivered, I decided to ask if they were complimentary.  They were!  Lucky us...

For many years, I operated my life under fear of other people and didn’t even realize it.  I was afraid of upsetting people... afraid of angering people... afraid of being viewed a certain way by people.  

When I got married and had children I had to change.  I found out pretty quickly that I wouldn’t be able to keep everyone happy now that I had many more people very intimately interwoven into my life.  I had to chose to leave my fear of upsetting people behind me if I wanted to protect my family.  I decided I needed to stand for something and that was going to be my family.  

This idea transferred over to my music career.  When playing a gig with my band, they became my family.  I found myself becoming more protective of them, like they were my children.  I wanted to provide for them, so I started asking for things that I wouldn’t have before because it seemed selfish.  But now that I was fighting for someone else, it didn’t seem so selfish.

I primarily got a “Yes!” as a response. It slowly became more normal to ask for the “next level” stuff.  I also realized that it wasn’t necessarily what I was asking, but how I was asking for it.  

If you ask from an honest open place, those you are asking can usually sense that and respect it.

I realized the only thing holding me back from asking for things for myself was feeling selfish.  But when I did start asking for myself, I found the answer would often be a “Yes” too.  I began to realize it wasn’t usually selfish, and if it was selfish, then I wouldn’t ask (but most of the time it actually wasn’t).  

I started to realize that I should be caring for myself, as I did my bandmates and family.   

We are more deserving than we think.  And that’s not a selfish though, that’s just a caring thought.  Those chips were for the taking, and if I didn’t ask I never would have had them.  And that would have been a shame, because they really complimented my burrito.

To quote Ricky Nelson...
It’s alright now, I learned my lesson well.
You see, you can’t please everyone.  
So you gotta please yourself.